Nathaniel Green wrote:
I want to know who supports which Instant Messenger protocols.  Maybe
name your first choice and then all the rest, or give a hierarchy, or

What are your favorite flavors?

I also use Trillian Pro 2.01 on Windows, but I only use AIM and MSN. I have specific uses for each medium. AIM is my main account, but I only use it for friends. I use MSN for my family and for people I don't want reading my profile and my away messages (I can toggle auto-replying with away messages). Trillian Pro has the concept of "Meta Contacts" that, coupled with contact renaming, take away the obfuscation of talking to a screen name -- I just talk to a person on their first preferred medium they are connected to. Anyway, I'm pretty picky about who gets my IM names, so I don't think I would like publicly posting them. Sorry.

Also, for InstallFest (I saw the ad in the Index!), I will be bringing Fedora Core 1 CD's (3) and my computer (I installed Fedora Core myself, but still need to get some things up and running and/or optimized to be a server.)


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