Most of my friends use AIM and some use MSN Messenger. When I went to Spain 
this summer, everyone seemed to be using MSN Messenger, the one exception 
being a gal from France who used AIM.

So really, whatever you think about the protocols, you don't get much choice. 
Its what your friends use. And outside of Yahoo! which often breaks Gaim, 
they're all the sames. You do get a choice of IM software, I use Gaim since 
it seems to be the best. It routinely ranks as one of the most active 
SourceForge projects (probably due to their internationalization efforts, but 
they do put out new releases pretty frequently). And its easy to use 
encryption. Occasionally I run into problems with file transfers and with all 
the updates for Gaim, for some reason my nickname aliases sometimes disappear 
or my prefences will change. Its written in GTK, so its pretty ugly.

I think it would be cool to have a on-campus Jabber server. In the past 
external Internet goes down, and IM with it, which is silly since most of the 
people I want to IM live on campus anyways. I started playing around with 
Jabberd (and couldn't get it work), but I now see there is Jabberd 2 out, 
might as well just try that instead.

On Thursday 19 February 2004 13:27, Nathaniel Green wrote:
> I have a question.
> I want to know who supports which Instant Messenger protocols.  Maybe
> name your first choice and then all the rest, or give a hierarchy, or
> whatever.
> It seems weird that we can all search for each other's email address,
> but have to explicitly ask about IM.  This could be such a powerful tool
> for everyone if there was a nice/easy way to get people on your lists.
> Sure, it could be used maliciously/annoyingly too, but I think it'd be
> worth the tradeoff.
> Anyway, I use gaim with aol and msn accounts.
> What are your favorite flavors?
> Nate

Ian Monroe

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