I use Gaim with msn, ICQ and Yahoo accounts.

Ian Monroe wrote:

>Most of my friends use AIM and some use MSN Messenger. When I went to 
>this summer, everyone seemed to be using MSN Messenger, the one 
>being a gal from France who used AIM.
>So really, whatever you think about the protocols, you don't get much 
>Its what your friends use. And outside of Yahoo! which often breaks 
>they're all the sames. You do get a choice of IM software, I use Gaim 
>it seems to be the best. It routinely ranks as one of the most active 
>SourceForge projects (probably due to their internationalization 
efforts, but 
>they do put out new releases pretty frequently). And its easy to use 
>encryption. Occasionally I run into problems with file transfers and 
with all 
>the updates for Gaim, for some reason my nickname aliases sometimes 
>or my prefences will change. Its written in GTK, so its pretty ugly.
>I think it would be cool to have a on-campus Jabber server. In the past 
>external Internet goes down, and IM with it, which is silly since most 
of the 
>people I want to IM live on campus anyways. I started playing around 
>Jabberd (and couldn't get it work), but I now see there is Jabberd 2 
>might as well just try that instead.
>On Thursday 19 February 2004 13:27, Nathaniel Green wrote:
>> I have a question.
>> I want to know who supports which Instant Messenger protocols.  Maybe
>> name your first choice and then all the rest, or give a hierarchy, or
>> whatever.
>> It seems weird that we can all search for each other's email address,
>> but have to explicitly ask about IM.  This could be such a powerful 
>> for everyone if there was a nice/easy way to get people on your lists.
>> Sure, it could be used maliciously/annoyingly too, but I think it'd be
>> worth the tradeoff.
>> Anyway, I use gaim with aol and msn accounts.
>> What are your favorite flavors?
>> Nate
>Ian Monroe
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