> Mailman seems to work a-OK now, except for one odd problem: any
> listserv-related message that the moodle server sends gets the "To:"
> return address wrong if the recipient has a truman.edu address- the
> return address incorrectly ends in "truman.edu," rather than in
> "moodle.truman.edu."

This, alas, is not a problem of your configuration or one that you can
fix.  The problem is that every message that goes through Truman's
central mail servers gets its headers re-written if they end in
.truman.edu.  Anyone with a .truman.edu address that gets this message
from tslug will notict that the Reply-to: header is set to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] instead of the correct [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Way back in the old days, when we first connected internet-capable
personal computers to the fledgling smtp server on campus, this policy
made sense.  The reason was that those early PCs would send out mail
from a fully qualified hostname, e.g., [EMAIL PROTECTED], but had
no incoming smtp server that could get a reply.  Rewriting the headers
to point to a central incoming server that had an alias lookup feature
made it possible for replies to go to an address where they could be

The policy still stands, despite the argument that nowadays many
people have boxes capable of running incoming smtp servers and valid
reasons for doing so.  Your moodle server is a perfect example.

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