Ok, I got the paperwork from Alex (who was chosen as a new
president at our meeting this week).  Our agreement with Truman
does indeed say "The Organization will not use the University
name, ..."

We discussed this for some length at the meeting last night and
decided that the few members there would not decide for everyone.
This is what we agreed on:

Nominations and seconds will be accepted on the mailing list from
now until Monday afternoon at 5pm (September 6).  On Monday
evening, I will draft a ballot of eligible entries and post it to
the list.

Voting will proceed until Friday September 10th at 5pm, after
which I (and any volunteers who wish to help) will tally the
votes and announce a new name.

Since a name change requires a (cosmetic) change to the
constitution, I'll ask someone to make a motion and have it
ratified quickly so we can get our changes and paperwork into the
CSI by the deadline on the 15th.

In the meantime, let's have discussion and nominations.  A
discussion of who constitutes suitable voting members would not
be off topic as well.



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