Donald J Bindner wrote:
On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 05:38:40PM -0500, Ross Day wrote:

Supporters Of Freedom-Advocating Software (SOFAS)

Free Software Club in Kirksville (FSCK <-- now that's beautiful)

FSCK really is beautiful.  I will personally add a second to


I think my new nickname should be token, because I am just playing the minority opinion here in !TSLUG (cough Fedora cough).

While FSCK obviously means something to us who understand Linux, and it makes a great joke and probably an even better t-shirt, I think the name is a HORRIBLE idea for our group.

First, how do we pronounce it? "There's a fsssk meeting tonight at 6:30." "We're having a fssssk InstallFest this weekend!". Acronyms are supposed to be catchy and easy to remember. Most people won't be able to pronounce it. It's no SMaCS, TWiCS, CRU, or even BSU, CGA, or TSU. It lacks, um, vowels.

Second, FSCK is a gigantic "in-joke". Even if we have little chance of bringing in people who are "in the know", doesn't this joke seem a little elitist? We aren't going to bring in new members by preaching to the ultra-geek crowd. That's what I really love about InstallFest. Normal people interested in Linux!

Third, despite the possible head turns at sidewalk chalk time, let's call a spade a spade -- people are going to read this as fuck. Is that something you want yourself associated with at an academic level? Dr. Beck? Dr. Bindner? Can you see your name on a poster next to a word 30% of the people will at-first-glance perceive to be a curse word? Not me.

Last, and my main sticky point. When I start applying for jobs from lame MSCEs and way-too-high-level MBAs who don't know grep from their own grip, how am I supposed to explain that the Free Sofw- eh, Linux group I put on my resume was named fssssk? "Oh, wow. It kind of looks like ANOTHER word." "Uh, yeah. It's kind of an inside joke. It stands for Free Software Club in Kirksville, but it is also the name of the Linux file-system check tool. Yeah, I know."

I'd rather we picked something a little more professional. We've got some great minds, and I'm sure we can find something just as creative and yet appropriate. No offense, Ross.

Or maybe I've just had a bad day.


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