Donald J Bindner wrote:
> Nominations and seconds will be accepted on the mailing list from
> now until Monday afternoon at 5pm (September 6).  On Monday
> evening, I will draft a ballot of eligible entries and post it to
> the list.

One question to ask about the new name is, do we want to retain "Linux" 
in our name? I ask for two reasons. First, we've gotten flack from 
certain people (coughRMScough) about not being GNU/Linux. Secondly, it 
seems to me that Linux isn't our soul focus. We range the whole gambit 
of computer related topics, with a large focus on UNIX and UNIX-like 
operating systems (or POSIX or whatever the term de jour is) as well as 
Free software (or FOSS or FLOSS, again take your pic of terms ;-) ). It 
might be a good idea to take these ideas into account.

Towards that end, I'd like to nominate one idea that came up last night 
(and I appologize to whomever floated the idea for not crediting him, I 
simply can't remember who it was): FSA, the Free Software Association.

Peter Snoblin -

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