On 15/10/16 23:48, Nicholas Hopkins wrote:
> Please tell me what is wrong with my code and how I can put an if else 
> statement 
> inside of another if else statement

You are almost right but...

> This is my code:
> path = input('Which path number will you take?')
>     if path == '1':
>          print('You took the first path')
>     elif path == '2':
>          print('You choose to take the second path')
>          print('You see a rock')
>           rock == input('Do you want to pick up the rock')

indentation is important in Python and the above line
should line up with the one above it. You should have
gotten an Indentation Error message.

>           if rock == 'yes':
>               print('you picked up the rock')
>           else:
>               print('You left the rock')

And if this clause lined up correctly too then it would
work as you expected.

>     elif path == '3':
>          print('You choose to take the third path')
>     else:
>          print('You must choose a number between 1 and 3')
> it comes up with this error
> [cid:image001.png@01D22792.63CCF290]

Please include the error in your message. This is a text
only list and attachments tend to get stripped off

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