Harry Connick Jr will host the third hour of today on the 17th and 18th (the 
Variety link says just Monday, but an email I received from Connick's fan club 
says both days).  Not sure if this is still technically subbing for Billy Bush 
or not.

Already saying I'm a fan of Connick, take my thumbs up of his daytime talk show 
with the appropriate amount of salt.  The Stangels from Letterman's Late Show 
are co-executive producers, but there are plenty of daytime-style talk segments.

Tomorrow (15th) marks the first Prairie Home Companion with Chris Thile as 
host.  The lineup (see link) is consistent with the shows that Thile has served 
as guest host.  Plenty of people who have been on with Garrison, with a few 
additions aimed at younger listeners (really anyone under 60).  Thile will play 
an original song, there will be a comedian, and most of the supporting cast 
from Keillor's crew remain with the show.



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