PGage, to moi:
> Bob, like other long time members here I am hit by this news, and so sorry 
> for your loss. 
> I have been wondering in recent months as you have been sharing his 
> declining condition what the impact would be on you if you were the one to 
> find him. How are you doing? Do you have someone who can be with you?
> I've long suspected something might be afoot with Allen*, which is only 
being reinforced by the fact that he hasn't shown up to the house yet 
today; then again, he may be in too deep of his own emotional stew to want 
to do much of significance yet, and anyhow enough of those things won't get 
done till certain places open up Monday.

*I can now refer to my brothers without guilt as Allen (#1), Dave (#2) and 
Chris (#3), given other posters freely drop names of their relatives here 

Still, I don't expect to be in any type of "hot water"... Dad's sitch is 
something everyone concerned with it knew about to one extent or another, 
including the advance directive (DNR). What I hope to happen is that Allen 
(since his postal mail comes here anyway, at least) eventually moves back 
in to continue to do what he's able to, but that's still his call.

I've taken things very well so far, and obviously can now go out anywhere 
if I get bored... Dad hasn't left behind much that isn't transferable to 
us. Still, real soon, before the end of the year, I'll have to come up with 
a future plan, 'cause my personal health, while not insignificant, isn't as 
impacted as severely as dad's was.

I have ideas about what I want to do and what direction to take, but 
exactly who's going to be involved in developing those ideas hasn't been 
thrashed-out yet.


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