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> The US allowed direct advertising to consumers during the Clinton
> administration (hopefully we will have to start referring to that with some
> more specifies soon).

I'm sure we will adapt the Bush precedent and refer to Clinton 42 and
Clinton 45.

> While the increased competition may have led to lower prices ( think this
> is debatable, because it has also fueled the development of more products
> which are just different enough to start the patent clock over, which keeps
> prices high), it has also led to a dramatic increase in the number of
> prescriptions that are written in the US. Some of this of course is
> probably good, and gets needed illness and symptom relief to those in need.
> But part of it is very bad, both resulting in over medication, and a
> significant drain on limited health care dollars.
> My interest in this has long been from the POV of psychoactive
> drugs; Xanax, Prozac and Viagra (and the cousins of each of these) have all
> been huge drivers of direct to consumer advertising. It is hard to tell who
> would win in an overall social asshole competition, but Big Pharma is neck
> and neck with oil and financial companies.
> I am not optimistic that a Preisdent H Clinton will be inclined exorcize
> this particular demon, but I would at least like to see renewed attention
> to common sense regulation of the practice. This is why the Invokana ad got
> my attention. Off-label prescription is a huge source of Pharma profits,
> and is driven in part by off label, direct to consumer advertising. This is
> an area where we can still crack down. It seems to me the Invokana ad is in
> violation of what should be current regulation, but maybe the current regs
> have large enough loopholes to let it through.

Nothing can replace Big Pharma in their scale and amount of advertising. If
the FTC or public pressure were to cause Big Pharma to cut back on their ad
buys network television would be in big trouble and so their media
companies will always be on Pharma' side.

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