I winder if anyone here is familiar with the specifics of the regulations
on advertising drugs on television. I only see a small fraction of TV ads,
but one just now made it through my zapping efforts - for "Invokana" a drug
that is apparently approved to treat Type II Diabetes and lower blood
sugars. In the ad a voice says: "It's not for lowering systolic blood sugar
or weight, bit it may help with both". While multiple images of lowering
things appear on the screen. The final image includes three circles, the
center large and red containing "A1C" (a blood sugar test) and a downward
arrow;and two smaller blue circles, each also with a downward arrow, one
with "blood pressure" the other with "body weight".

The clear effect of this ad is to create the impression that Invokana can
be taken to lose weight and lower BP, though it seems from the disclaimer
it has not been approved for this use. A number of Big Pharma Corps have
had their hands spanked for this kind of misleading advertising ("spanked"
because the fines are in the millions while profits are in billions). I
seem to recall a birth control pill maker got into high profile trouble a
few years ago.

My question: Is this Invokana ad in violation, and the company is wiling to
take a spanking to make millions, or are they safely within the bounds of
current regulations?

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