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> wow.   had no idea he was still alive, and I even forgot about him.
> In Sudbury Ontario (4 hrs north of Toronto, 4 hrs east of Sault Ste Marie,
> MI) there is an annual Christmas telethon on TV on a Saturday night in Nov
> or December.    When I was 10, it had already been on forever (in years).
> Apparently it started in 1951.   http://www.ctvlionstelethon.
> ca/default.aspx   and history here http://www.ctvlionstelethon.ca/
> TelethonHistory/TelethonHistory.aspx
> <http://www.ctvlionstelethon.ca/TelethonHistory/TelethonHistory.aspx>
> Anyway, back to my story..... every year it was a local gathering of kids
> that dance, sing, and adults that try to do the same thing.  Local TV
> personalities are the hosts, along with other city or club dignitaries.
> One year, circa 1977 Marty Allen (I'm 95% sure it was him) was the featured
> Guest Host that year.     I've got no idea what they paid him to get him to
> our neck of the woods, or if his presence increased pledges.    But I do
> recall hearing my Dad say "look at that.  Jerry Lewis gets all the stars
> and we get a washed-up Marty Allen".

Fun fact: Marty Allen went to the same high school as me (Allderdice) in
Pittsburgh. Another fun fact: Wiz Khalifa also went there.

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