> On Feb 13, 2018, at 1:26 PM, Kevin M. <drunkbastar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> There were a few hot buttons in the control rooms of a few of the Nightly 
> News studios that could be pressed to go live, bypassing Skypath. I know of a 
> handful of instances when those buttons were pressed accidentally; hilarity 
> ensued.

Yeah, the closed-captioner who was monitoring NBC's feed was always at the 
ready to dial in to the modem for "studio 3B" (or whichever one was being kept 
"hot" for special report purposes).

I was never entirely clear on how things were working on the video transmission 
side of things, but I do know that "Tonight Show" captions went to a modem in 
Burbank, while "Late Night" (and "Later") captions went to New York. Because 
there was a seamless transition between the shows, there was some rigamarole 
involving the backup modem in the control room and a production assistant -- by 
which I mean me -- being nervous about accidentally disconnecting the wrong 
modem at the wrong time. (The captions for the late-night shows were prepared 
in advance via an audio feed of the taping, but were sent out "live" as they 

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