Right - I am not scraping the PIN? I am using the web browser in .NET
(which is similar to Internet Explorer)

to authenticate via a pin and username / password credentials.

The only part of the workflow I do not follow is opening the URL in IE
- I open in it VB.NET Web Browser.

But - my user has to input it to send it back - I do not retreive it.

What I am retreiving is the XML document that is sent to the web

I am not sure if any of you have actually seen the pages yet - but I
have a few problems with your Library.

When the pin starts with a zero - the authentication fails. Are you
converting the pin string to an integer in your library? This is the
only reason why a leading zero would be stripped you see.

That is my first problem with the library - it has not been tested in
a real world example otherwise this would have been flagged long ago.

Now - I am not sure why you would think I was scraping the PIN - my
user inputs it into a VB textbox for sending back to the correct URL.
This way - my web browser gets authenticated.

Also, did you know a Login prompt appears from the browser window -
asking the user for Login credentials a SECOND time!?

This is most peculiar. Have anyone else experienced this or are
basically just not experienced in writing for the Twitter API and just
read the information pages.

I am a programmer - writing a VB.NET application that is registered
with Twitter. I require real world examples because my program is real
world - not from the pages of the Twitter API documentation.

So, lets make this clear divide here - I want to talk to programmers -
not just people who THINK they know what is happening from the API man
pages. lol

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