Just wanted to let you guys know about a free service we're prototyping for
shortening URL's that overcomes a few of the limitations of other


Specifically shortened links include a screen shot 'preview' w/ a
continue/cancel option and the full URL is displayed *before* redirecting
users to prevent NSFW accidents ;) and other subversive tricks used by
spammers and hackers. (ex: http://rt.nu/iqzh).

The API lets you:

1.) Shorten links
2.) Dereference the original url of a shortened link
3.) Click throughs
4.) Referrers
5.) Velocity (clicks per hour)
6.) Rank (ctr vs all other rt.nu links)

If you end up implementing RT.nu or playing with the API, we'd really
appreciate any feedback.

Kevin Mesiab
CEO, Mesiab Labs L.L.C.

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