>From the Rate Limiting documentation:

"IP whitelisting takes precedence to account rate limits. GET requests
from a whitelisted IP address made on a user's behalf will be deducted
from the whitelisted IP's limit, not the users. Therefore, IP-based
whitelisting is a best practice for applications that request many
users' data."

Say for example I wanted to simply replicate the twitter website. One
page per user that just monitors for new statuses with authenticated
(to catch protected users) calls to

Say I was very popular and had 20k people on the site. Would this
limit me to 1 call per minute per user or would it fall over to the
user limit of 150 an hour once I hit my 20k? If so how can I tell it
has fallen over besides for simply keeping track of the number of
calls per hour my server has made.



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