Don't base your app on the assumption that it is 20,000 calls per hour
per user.

You get 20,000 GET calls per whitelisted IP address, period. It does
not matter if you use those calls for one Twitter account or 10,000
Twitter accounts.

If the API is currently behaving differently, then it is a bug.

I have had discussions with Twitter engineers about this, and the
intended behavior is an aggregate 20,000 calls per whitelisted IP
address as I mentioned above.


On Aug 6, 4:09 am, Robert Fishel <> wrote:
> Wowzers (bonus points for getting the reference)
> It appears as if each user does get 20k (according to the linked
> threads) this is I think what they intended and makes apps a LOT
> easier to develop as you can now do rate limiting (ie caching and
> sleeping etc...) based on each user and not on an entire server pool,
> makes sessions much cleaner.
> I am whitelisted and I'll test this tomorrow evening to make double
> sure but this sounds great!.
> Thanks
> -Bob
> On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 2:53 AM, srikanth
> reddy<> wrote:
> > With a whitelisted IP you can make 20k auth calls per hour for each user.
> > Once you reach this limit for a user you cannot make  any auth calls from
> > that IP in that duration. But the user can still use his 150 limit from
> > other apps.
> >
> > On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 7:50 AM, Bob Fishel <> wrote:
> >> From the Rate Limiting documentation:
> >> "IP whitelisting takes precedence to account rate limits. GET requests
> >> from a whitelisted IP address made on a user's behalf will be deducted
> >> from the whitelisted IP's limit, not the users. Therefore, IP-based
> >> whitelisting is a best practice for applications that request many
> >> users' data."
> >> Say for example I wanted to simply replicate the twitter website. One
> >> page per user that just monitors for new statuses with authenticated
> >> (to catch protected users) calls to
> >>
> >> Say I was very popular and had 20k people on the site. Would this
> >> limit me to 1 call per minute per user or would it fall over to the
> >> user limit of 150 an hour once I hit my 20k? If so how can I tell it
> >> has fallen over besides for simply keeping track of the number of
> >> calls per hour my server has made.
> >> Thanks
> >> -Bob

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