I think we're all feeling the same way. End-users have the impression that
things are getting back to norm because of what 'chosen' communication
they've been receiving from Biz and team. yet all of our apps are down and
no Official word comes from Twitter that the work-in-progress stuff are to
the 3rd party apps that rely on the API.  We are all having to individually
explain to our users the situation, with no educated info to go by.


Yes defending against the DoS attack is first priority. but please
communicate something official to the users in behalf of all the 3rd party










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I know this is a me too, but twollo is entierly down (From Google App
Engine).  The frustrating this is that everyone thinks Twitter is working on
now, an annoucement saying everything but the API is working would be





2009/8/7 Sam Street <sam...@gmail.com>

My app http://twicli.com is unavailable. Looks like the ?oauth_token
isnt being created properly.

Hope things come back soon. Thanks

On Aug 7, 7:06 am, Rich <rhyl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The most frustrating thing is oAuth being down, meaning new users
> can't sign in to oAuth apps!
> On Aug 7, 6:40 am, Jesse Stay <jesses...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > The more communication, to both us and the public, the better.  That's
> > best thing Twitter can do right now - I definitely feel their pain, as
> > all going through it right now.  It's just harder on us because we're
> > privy to what Twitter knows right now (nor do we have the control they
> > have).  Communication is key. (and tell Rodney I said hi Sean!)
> > Jesse
> > On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 12:59 AM, Sean Callahan
> > > Yeah Jesse, I hear you and am super bummed out. My service,
> > > TweetPhoto.com, is also down in terms of users being able to login
> > > through basic auth. It's been like that all day. No one has been able
> > > to upload photos. I emailed Doug at Twitter and he requested my
> > > server's IP address which I provided. I guess they are slowly trying
> > > to bring apps back online. I just wish this happened a little sooner.
> > > I feel totally helpless at the moment. What are your thoughts?
> > > On Aug 6, 6:25 pm, Jesse Stay <jesses...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > > Why is Biz saying things are "back in action" when apps like mine,
> > > many
> > > > other very large names are still broken from it.  Sending this
message to
> > > > users sends a false message to them stating they should expect we
> > > be
> > > > up as well.  At a very minimum, please state the API is still having
> > > issues
> > > > so users can know what to expect:
> > > >http://blog.twitter.com/2009/08/update-on-todays-dos-attacks.html
> > > > Jesse


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