A 302 header means you need to request the location that twitter has
sent back to you with that header.
It is part of their attempts at spotting the real requests from the
fake ones.
How you handle it all depends on what language you are programming in!


On Aug 7, 8:10 pm, Chris <> wrote:
> Thank you for updating us!
> I have still a problem with getting search results via curl like
> described here:
> This was working pretty good before the DDoS attack, but now I don't
> get any results just http_code of 302.
> An example url, I'm trying to get 
> is:〈=de&rpp=15&since_...
> Can you give me a hint what I'm doing wrong or is this part of the API
> still not working correct?
> Thanks and best regards,
> Chris

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