I think you are very mistaken, I would say the same if Twitter wasn't
running a business based off of growing their base using a Free API, Twitter
chose to have a free API and it is supported as such,
no guarantees or warranties - however that isn't the point - the Free API is
the lifeblood to the service and without it all the applications built on it
coursing through its veins there isn't much of a service, just a website, so
in my opinion the Free API is probably the most important part of their
business and it is broken.

Lots of businesses have grown up around Twitter and these business are
unable to operate - in much the same way as when a postal strike occurs. I
have refunded or given service credits in the order of £250 this weekend
alone for access to my service.  I can't complain too much, by good grace I
have managed to build a profitable venture, but on the flip side the entire
situation is so frustrating, I have just taken a 20% pay cut at my current
employer to help them through some tougher times so my Twitter business was
covering that 20%, if this situation continues for another week I will
probably shut down Twollo, it won't be worth running anymore.

I am pretty sure that Twitter are working as hard as they can on sorting the
problem, but the situation is a valid one and we are right to openly
complain, to be honest I am totally surprised this whole situation hasn't
been on the likes of techcrunch as it is an ongoing issue that is causing so
much consternation it is unbelievable.

Your comment about laconica is a factious one, how can one have a fallback
for a Twitter service.... The fallback at the moment is no business at all.

I personally thank Chad for his efforts so far, he has been thrown in at the
deep end and is probably in the same boat as most of us.


2009/8/9 Sandro Ducceschi <>

> I can't believe all of you people.
> The API is a free service and if it's down or not working for a
> while,
> you just sit down and take it like a grown up instead of complaining
> and demanding that they send in all forces on a weekend.
> Some people do have lifes outside of twitter i heard being said..
> And if it's such a big deal that your application / system needs to
> run 24/7, you
> should have thought of it beforehand and built some sort of fallback
> system (laconica yeh?).
> In all honesty, if i had a say, i would make sure some of you would be
> purposely blocked for a while just because of your statements.
> Have a nice and relaxing Sunday.

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