Hi There,

First, in my own defense, I feel that my original "part-time/day off"
statement was misconstrued. I was trying to make that point that even
though I am way over my hours on my contract, I still monitored the
situation all day from both sides (dev list and internal ops
information). I think you will find that I posted in several threads,
and I did help several individuals offlist. I'm still awake monitoring
things (but not for much longer at this rate).

I did this because:
a) I am a fellow third-party app dev on the same sinking submarine.
b) I also feel a lack of communication sucks.

Again, nothing new really to report, so no "official updates" have
been made aside from the Streaming API update this morning. Basically,

Second, you obviously don't know all of the usernames of people that
work here. There is an incredible ops team here working as we type all
of these emails. I'm not going to give names because they don't need
any more distractions or you checking up on them. Call that
non-transparent if you wish; I call it letting them get their job

We have top men working on it right now. Top. Men.

Thanks you, as always, for your continued patience in the matter....

On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 3:19 AM, chinaski007<chinaski...@gmail.com> wrote:
> My point was that my browsing of the tweetstreams of the Twitter
> engineers I am familiar with, ops and otherwise, reveals another
> normal weekend, with all the loveliness that the Bay Area has to
> offer... and while there may be a bunch of Keebler elves drinking
> coffee and working hard, I don't see much evidence of that from my
> sampling.  Do you?
> On Aug 9, 12:08 am, Bill Kocik <bko...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> What was yours?

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