I wanted to send an update to everyone who is monitoring this thread and
keep you abreast of where we stand.
First of all, the attack is still on going. We continue to work with our
service provider and the other companies who are being attacked to resolve
the issue as best we can. But it is continuing and as Chad stated, we are
thus going to have continued and varied issues with access to the Twitter

Second, we have been monitoring every email and Chad and John have done a
great job responding to the threads where we have new information to add or
where we can clarify. As Chad stated in his last email there are known
issues that we are continuing to work on. We are trying to provide updates
when we have new information, but sadly there isn't a lot new to report.
Please know that we can't respond to each and every thread as our teams
time, in your best interest, should be put towards getting you all back
online as soon as possible. Please help each other answer questions if
someone already knows the answer. I will continue to give ongoing updates
every 5-6 hours throughout the day even if nothing has changed so that you
know we are still focused on it.

To be clear we have a large group of people working on this throughout the
weekend and our developer ecosystem is incredibly important to us. Please
believe us that this hurts us as much as it hurts you and we want to get you
back online as soon as possible. We are endlessly appreciative for the hard
work that each of you put into your applications and supporting Twitter
users and we want those services to be online and back to normal.

With that being said, this attack is continuing, almost 3 days later, and we
need to continue to do all that we can to defend it. Have faith that we have
the best people on it both at Twitter and at our partner's companies.

With all of the emails flying around, its hard for us to track exactly what
issues are still remaining so I wanted to try to capture them here and have
you confirm or update me if new issues have cropped up or if others are
passed. So please let me know which of the following issues you are still
having or if there are any I missed:

1. OAuth rarely works - I tried a number of your apps and it seems to work 1
out of 6-7 times. As a note, it worked better with Safari, but not every
2. 302 redirect
3. General request timeouts
4. HTML in responses
5. Unexpected rate limiting / blacklisting

So again, thank you for your patience and know that we are hard at work to
get you guys back up and running.

Best, Ryan

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