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> Funny thing about trademarking a name and trying to utilize that trademark
> against a URL, can't be done.  If so, MicroSoft would have nailed people
> left and right for infringement upon IE (can we say IE7.com and IE8.com) as
> well as several other websites that utilize trademarked MS product names
> LOL.  Several other companies have tried this as well and failed.
> As for Twitter TOS and developer rights.  Nope, can't sue for voilation of a
> TOS on a public API either.  You can suspend "suspect activities" and revoke
> developer/company rights but you can't actually file suite on a TOS
> violation of this type.  Lots of statuatory presidence on the subject.
> On point 3, 80% rule along with the fact that you have clearly labeled in
> valid font size the non-affiliation with Twitter again negates this point in
> most cases.
> Actually, about the only thing they could get you for would be
> Slander/Liable if you were spreading bad publicity about the company that
> was un-true.  In that case, they could get you for everything your worth
> LOL.  Then again, being a public entity they would fall under the same laws
> as the movie stars and other public figures and would basically have to suck
> it up in the end.
>  - Jeremy

Apparently you fail to recall the "MikeRoweSoft.com" case.

Twitter can most definitely enforce their trademark here.

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