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Mike Langford <m...@tweetworks.com> wrote:

> Twitter will also have to inform other existing clients, like
> Twiterific and TwitterBerry, to cease and desist as well if it hopes
> for a success application.

I'm not sure the situation is that set in stone.

If Twitter wants an alternative to massive numbers of C&Ds then it can
contact developers currently using the Twitter name and offer reasonable
terms to license it for their applications. It may or may not be as
simple as "return this form signed and use this wording on your
product" and there may be business reasons not to take that approach,
but my pure and utterly uninformed guess would be that the lawyers are
working on that form and that the API team has advocates with the
advocates urging them to find a way to make it happen that doesn't
require asking for a licensing fee.

Chris Babcock

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