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> The interaction seems unintuitive and redundant for users who have
> already granted our application 'trust' by installing it.

I can't understand this notion.
Every single day users are sheep enough to do stupid things -
they just need to be guided to do so. And then they will follow.

Every single day (especially the normal users) install dozens of apps on
without even thinking about that box in the middle nor reading it. And 'the
ones' who teach the sheeps make sure that "never use your password" gets
into their heads.

Before there was no alternative. Now there is a better way.From now it is
BAD. Using without password and authorize with twitter: good!"

Yes, they have granted you the trust of installing it, but could you please
set the
mindset to the goal? "as part of our x step installation step, this is what
is going to happen:
- download app
- install app
- test app
- now the fun part: making sure you get the best ou tof this experience and
connect it with
twitter itself, and this is how it looks. We are using the secure process
where you
do not need to enter anywhere your password. we never ask for your password,
we are the good guys!
- do this
- do that
and tada! you can start using our app! thanks for trusting us!"

Where is the problem?
It only is unintuitve when you make it as such. of course the above is too
so the real steps only should be "3 easy steps to go - download, install,
connect, use!" or something like it.

But as long as you treat it as the ugly way you don't want to use, you will
not make
it easy on you.


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