Hi Kevin,
With basic auth, its nice because you can use those credentials anywhere. I
*was* working on a collaboration site, until I heard basic auth was going
away, because I was able to use credentials for dozens of services around a
single profile.

I asked the same question about oAuth, i.e. can I validate with oAuth and
then allow these users to show tokens to other oAuth enabled services and
let them proceed. The answer I got *then* was no.
Hopefully this will change, as the other path presented so many cool

Anyway, retweet.com looks very cool.


On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 6:07 AM, Kevin Mesiab <ke...@mesiablabs.com> wrote:

> When a user signs up at TwitPic, for instance, the same credentials
> they used for Twitter are now valid for use in uploading media.  This
> lets users enjoy a bit of a mash-up with a single sign-on.  Is this
> also true when authorized via openAuth?
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