I'm not so sure that one can describe the relative silence on this
thread as patience.

It can probably be ascribed to developers abandoning Twitter and being
too busy coding for other platforms to even bother writing on this

To have exactly the same thing happen to third-party apps for two
weekends in a row, which causes high-volume API calls to be blocked
and the apps to be broken for days on end, is just simply pathetic.
That is NOT "developer support" in any way, shape or form.

Not to mention the fact that again nothing is posted about it on the
Twitter Status blog, even after a request for such a post was made by

We are again left swinging in the wind by Twitter.


On Aug 16, 2:55 pm, Jonathan George <jonat...@jdg.net> wrote:
> Please post an update to status.twitter.com, so our users can be as
> patient as we are.
> best,
> jonathan

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