Alex - Is there ANY way you guys could post information to your status
page that a DDOS or issue is going on?   Something we can point our
customers to so they don't think it is our service/product?  Right now
many of my users think the problem is our product, when in fact, it is
simply the IPs they are coming from being blocked.   This would really
help out with customer perception of what is going on.


On Aug 17, 3:10 pm, Alex Payne <> wrote:
> All,
> Thanks for bearing with us as we continue to fend off a Distributed
> Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. In order to help us better assist
> you, please supply the following information when reporting API
> connectivity and performance issues to
> 1. The IP of the machine making requests to the Twitter API. If you're
> behind NAT, please be sure to send us your *external* IP.
> 2. The IP address of the machine you're contacting in the Twitter
> cluster. You can find this on UNIX machines via the "host" or
> "nslookup" commands, and on Windows machines via the nbslookup"
> command.
> 3. The Twitter API URL (method) you're requesting and any other
> details about the request (GET vs. POST, parameters, headers, etc.).
> 4. Your host operating system, browser (including version), relevant
> cookies, and any other pertinent information about your environment.
> 5. What kind of network connection you have and from which provider,
> and what kind of network connectivity devices you're using.
> Without this information, we cannot adequately troubleshoot your issue
> while responding to the ongoing attack. Thanks for your consideration.
> --
> Alex Payne - Platform Lead, Twitter, Inc.

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