Yes Adam you are right - BUT if Twitter are "playing favorites" then
they should come out and say so.


Everyone knows that the Apple approval process for the App store sucks
and is biased...So when Google Voice got rejected Google knew going into
it that the Apple process is biased and sucks.


At the moment on one hand we have Twitter saying hey we have this great
API go build and prosper....... And on the other hand you have legal
departments contradicting the CEO that it's ok to name your apps


If Twitter support dealt with everyone on an equal first come first
served basis then it would be fine.....or said they weren't and were
going to support only some people, also fine. Just make a statement one
way or the other instead of jerking us around, there are plenty of other
things I can be spending my time doing.




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On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 8:23 AM, Robert Banh <>

Twitter is free. I'm happy to trade small downtime/performance for
something free. That's my 2-cents.

Amen. I thought the same thing when i saw the original posters "Why
isn't Twitter being
consistent in their approach to all vendors".

Their is no contract between the "vendors" and Twitter. And speculating
that twitter uses favoritism (as if they didn't have the right to do so)
and then asking them why they are doing the speculated actions is

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