Ok...based on Dewalds post above I did a little more investigating and
it appears that our API is functioning because some tweets went out on
behalf of some of our customers and I setup a new twitter account and
tested without an error but what is more concerning is that it appears
that Twitter just blanketly suspended several of our accounts and our
users accounts that had any tweets posted recently from our
application.  This is even worse than just shutting our application
down...hopefully, I'm wrong but it seems that this is what has
happened.  So, does Twitter actually do this? would Twitter really
punish users for using certain applications?  If so then this is
horrible...both for the app vendor and the user...we all end up as

Any insight?  I'm really beginning to wonder why we got involved with
Twitter in the first place, between their outages, poor customer
service and stuff like this I've never been more frustrated.  If we
didn't have so much already invested around their technology I'd
probably just quit today but I can't so HELP!

On Aug 20, 6:03 am, AccountingSoftwareGuy <virga.rob...@gmail.com>
> Oauth
> On Aug 20, 5:49 am, Dewald Pretorius <dpr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > On Aug 20, 9:40 am, AccountingSoftwareGuy <virga.rob...@gmail.com>
> > wrote:
> > > No it appears that our API is shut down completely, everything we do
> > > now is returned (401) Unauthorized.
> > Are you using OAuth or Basic Auth?
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