Geocoded API searches are also broken. This is the geocoding example
from the API documentation, which used to work and now doesn't:

My website ( does similar searches and now receives only
403 Forbidden errors or an empty XML/JSON with "You must enter a
query" if I try this search on my browser window.

On Sep 8, 10:05 pm, Alex Payne <> wrote:
> Our Search Team informs me that they shipped a new query parser today.
> This is likely a bug in the new parser, and I've let them know about
> it.
> On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 17:48, Mack D. Male<> wrote:
> > Until a couple of hours ago, searching for something like "edmonton OR
> > #yeg OR near:edmonton"  (or the API equivalent) worked just fine. Now
> > it doesn't return anything new, and seems to return an odd set of old
> > results.
> > You can search for them separately, as in "edmonton OR #yeg" and
> > "near:edmonton" but not together.
> > What gives?
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