I've always just stored as 64bit integers, I'd assumed that 32bit wouldn't be 

Now, if it goes above 64bit then I'm screwed, because neither my language or 
database have built in support for that! :P

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Subject: [twitter-dev] Re: Alert: "Twitpocalypse II" coming Friday, September 
11th - make sure you can handle large status IDs!

if you were on signed32 you'd have had a problem a long time ago. not quite 
sure why people haven't just taken to treating/storing as strings -- sure 
there's a bit more overhead mem/storage-wise, but you don't have to change your 
code every few months.

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 16:45, Joseph Cheek <jos...@cheek.com> wrote:

  Twitter is in league with Al Qaida!  You heard it first here, folks!

  Ok, seriously, this message I wrote wasn't worth the electrons it took
  to transmit it...  let's see if I can increase the s2n ratio:

  4294967296, that an unsigned 32-bit int?  ok, fair enough.  i know some
  of my apps use signed 64bit ints, but i'm not sure about the db... will
  need to check... might be signed32...

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  Nicholas Moline wrote:
  > And nobody thought about the significance of accelerating anything
  > called a *pocolypse to be on the anniversary of a date that thousands
  > died in a terrorist attack.... Tactful Twitter... Real Tactful
  > On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 1:00 PM, Alex Payne <a...@twitter.com

  > <mailto:a...@twitter.com>> wrote:
  >     Sorry, an error in phrasing. It was previously mentioned that this
  >     change was pending. We had not previously announced a date for the
  >     change.
  >     Normally, we prefer to provide more advance notice where possible, but
  >     I'm letting you all know immediately after our operations team
  >     informed me that it was necessary to make this change on Friday.
  >     On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 12:13, Hwee-Boon Yar<hweeb...@gmail.com

  >     <mailto:hweeb...@gmail.com>> wrote:
  >     >
  >     > May I know when and where was it mentioned that it will be
  >     > artificially increased this coming Friday?
  >     >
  >     > --
  >     > Hwee-Boon
  >     >
  >     > On Sep 10, 2:49 am, Alex Payne <a...@twitter.com

  >     <mailto:a...@twitter.com>> wrote:
  >     >> As mentioned previously, the Twitter operations team
  >     willartificially
  >     >> increase the maximum status ID to 4294967296 this coming Friday,
  >     >> September 11th. This action is part of routine database
  >     upgrades and
  >     >> maintenance.
  >     >>
  >     >> If your Twitter API application stores status IDs, please be
  >     sure that
  >     >> your datastore is configured to handle integers of that size.
  >     Thanks.
  >     >>
  >     >> --
  >     >> Alex Payne - Platform Lead, Twitter, Inc.http://twitter.com/al3x
  >     >
  >     --
  >     Alex Payne - Platform Lead, Twitter, Inc.
  >     http://twitter.com/al3x

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