My reading is that twitter can blacklist an app at any time for any reason - "Twitter may suspend or terminate your access to the API" - That being true, effectively it means that's the rule and the other points are really guidelines. It provides total freedom for the Platform team. That's also my understanding of the current rules/TOS.

It's not obvious how to make an investable app on this basis. Am i wrong about this. Or can anyone confirm experience of successfully negotiating around this caveat for a due diligence?


On 11 Sep 2009, at 13:43, Dewald Pretorius wrote:

I guess the lawyers wrote this draft as an extension of the modified
Twitter TOS.

Alex, you will need to jump on this draft from a dizzy height and get
all your Platform rules in there.

Once the API Rules are published as "The Rules" you will have no
grounds to blacklist an application for other than what is written in
"The Rules". Unless the rules also state that, "we can blacklist an
app for any other reason as we deem fit," which will fly like a lead

If the rules are not clear and comprehensive, they will become a ball
and chain around the ankles of the Platform team.


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