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2009/9/11 Dean Collins <d...@cognation.net>

Yep, this  "we can blacklist an app for any other reason as we deem
fit," stuff is fine but don't expect other 3rd party developers to play

        I've been trying to get an "exact number of people you can
delete from a following" in 24 hours without risking your twitter
account from the tech support team following the suspension of my
@LiveNFLchat account, no one seems to know/be prepared to state a


have you considered that there might not be a fixed number, but a
pattern of requests that they are looking for? have you considered that
revealing this pattern (or even the number, if that's what it is) cannot
be in Twitter's interest to fight spammers, as they could make very good
use of that information and adjust their bots accordingly? some rules
just cannot be made public, for very good reasons. yes, that's annoying
- but to be blunt, if you're app is getting caught by those rulse, it's
likely that Twitter does consider what your are doing as being "spam".
And I am not saying that it is (I don't even know what you do), it's
just a logical consequence: rules to prevent spam -> app caught by rules
-> app is considered doing spam

        We're happy to play by the rules, just spell out what those
rules clearly are.


        Dean Collins





Dude all I did yesterday was startup my @LiveNFLchat account for the
first game of the season which hadn't really been used since last


Basically fired up TwitterKarma to delete accounts not following me from
last seasons posts and then started following people chatting about the
Titans V's Steelers season opener game last night.


I didn't send a single direct message and apart from two posts about the
volume of twittersphere nfl traffic and that was it.


Hardly spamming.


Basically I'm fairly sure my account was singled out because of my on
going legal issues with a totally separate and unrelated project.


The two projects are totally unrelated but I get the feeling if I fire
up and use any of my 22 twitter accounts they are all going to be closed
down 1 by 1.


Like is said, speel out the rules and people will use them - oitherwise
I'm just as happy to move my apps off twitter and move to facebook or
some other platform. Twitter is where it is BECAUSE of third party
application developers not in spite of it.


Ben's comments are spot on how are you supposed to invest your time and
energy when you can be shut down for not following 'unspecified rules'.





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