Happy Id to you and all on this list.

Secondly, With due respect to you, I want to point out that spammers
dont typically read or care about responses.

However such responses leave a bad taste and spoil impression in minds
of other mature and serious list subscribers.

Tell me: what would your response implying death to spammer achieve..
Which a 'thread locked and sender blocked ' response would not achieve

Best wishes man and my regards..


On 9/21/09, Adam Cloud <> wrote:
> I'm sorry you find my responses disgusting. However, being one of the people
> who always ends up having to fix things like this, i find it "disgusting and
> offensive" when people invade legitimate platforms of communication and post
> links to sites filled with malicious scripts and malware.
> 2009/9/20 Caliban Darklock <>
>> 2009/9/19 Nalin Savara <>:
>> >
>> > That's true about spam.. But the message 'you do suck at.. ' is
>> > disgusting and offensive.. And apart from the spammer, even that
>> > poster should be banned and blacklisted.
>> If we banned and blacklisted everything disgusting and offensive,
>> there would be no internet.

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