Thanks for your mail Caliban.

Cool.. I see your point..

Though I choose to differ and in my case I try to keep public mail
exchanges mostly professional..

Anyways. . Take care buddy.. And have fun !!!

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On 9/21/09, Caliban Darklock <> wrote:
> 2009/9/20 Nalin Savara <>:
>> Tell me: what would your response implying death to spammer achieve..
>> Which a 'thread locked and sender blocked ' response would not achieve
> It's amusing.
> Granted, it's neither mature nor serious to snicker behind your hand
> at a snide remark, but it's a lot more fun. When spammers try to make
> money at our expense, it seems only fair that we could have a laugh or
> two at theirs.
> And saying someone "should probably quit" life isn't necessarily an
> implication that they should die, any more than "get a life" implies
> that you're dead, or "real life" implies that other forms of life are
> imaginary. You can take the mature and serious thing too far, and then
> it's no fun anymore.
> Of course, you may not want to have fun, but there's certainly no
> reason to run around shaking your finger at everyone who does.

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