2009/9/20 Nalin Savara <nsn...@gmail.com>:
> Tell me: what would your response implying death to spammer achieve..
> Which a 'thread locked and sender blocked ' response would not achieve

It's amusing.

Granted, it's neither mature nor serious to snicker behind your hand
at a snide remark, but it's a lot more fun. When spammers try to make
money at our expense, it seems only fair that we could have a laugh or
two at theirs.

And saying someone "should probably quit" life isn't necessarily an
implication that they should die, any more than "get a life" implies
that you're dead, or "real life" implies that other forms of life are
imaginary. You can take the mature and serious thing too far, and then
it's no fun anymore.

Of course, you may not want to have fun, but there's certainly no
reason to run around shaking your finger at everyone who does.

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