Good luck buddy.. Btw I'm curious, What exactly are you referring to
or focussing on when you say 'syntactic meaning of tweets' ?

I mean I'd appreciate a clarification on 'syntactic meaning to whom ?'
and 'syntactic meaning of tweets in what context ?'

Just wondering..

Best Regards,

On 9/25/09, Stefna <> wrote:
> I've submitted a ticket with following content:
> *** *** ***
> I am a 23 years old student of informatics at AGH Universtity of
> Science and Technology in Cracow (Poland). Due to a rapid development,
> strict formed data and accessible API I would like to designate my
> master thesis to the Twitter related topic. My promoter is the PhD at
> the Department of Computer Linguistics and our first pick was vaguely
> to analyse the semantic meaning of tweets.
> Do you have suggestions about the dissertation topic?
> Do you have any pending requests or prospect features you want to
> develop?
> I will browse known issues, I will think thoroughly about the topic
> but still - your suggestion might be very helpful. Even the shortest
> one (like "good luck") will encourage me to more intensive research.
> *** *** ***
> Does anyone have any suggestions? My ticket has a six-digit number so
> I'm afraid I won't get any answer :)
> I'll probably ask for help during my work so I subscribe to this group
> anyway.
> Thanks in advance!

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