For discussion purposes, let's assume I am cursoring through a very
volatile followers list of @veryvolatile. We have the following

A = 5,000
B = 5,000
C = 5,000

I retrieve Cursor A and process it. Next I retrieve Cursor B and
process it. Then I retrieve Cursor C and process it.

While I am processing Cursor C, 200 of the people who were in Cursor A
unfollow @veryvolatile, and 400 of the people who were in Cursor B
unfollow @veryvolatile.

What do I get when I go back from C to B? Do I now get 4,600 ids in
the list?

Or, do I get 5,000 in B, which now includes a subset of 400 ids that
were previously in Cursor A?


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