There is no snapshotting. 5,000 edges are returned on each call. Few
users have more than 5,000 followers or more than 5,000 followings.

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

On Oct 6, 11:58 am, jmathai <> wrote:
> On Oct 6, 11:06 am, Jesse Stay <> wrote:
> > I said the same thing in the last thread about this - still no clue what
> > Twitter is doing with cursors and how it is any different than the previous
> > paging methods.
> > Jesse
> Is the main advantage that the new method takes a snapshot of the
> followers list and let's you page through them?
> I'd be willing to sacrifice some accuracy for speed since I'm not
> doing anything like auto-unfollow.  From a sample set of 150k calls to
> the api the average latency I have (from the west coast) is .85
> seconds.  Grabbing a follower list serially, 100 at a time is
> painful.  I much preferred what I was doing before (total # / 100 ->
> fire off that many calls in parallel).  If I dropped a few followers
> in the process, that was ok because it's so much faster and I don't
> need my copy of the social graph to be 100% accurate.

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