One more question folks. I wrote my little PHP script to collect
tweets (super simple!) but I was curious if I could put in a server-
side filter; in particular, I would like to get ONLY tweets that have
geospatial metadata (i.e. "geo" element's value is non-null). I can
obviously do this as a client side filter but I would imagine a server-
side filter would be more efficient as post-filtering will
significantly reduce the number of results I get per minute.

Right now I'm basically curling out to this URL:
http://<<user:pass>> and I
would ideally like to add a query parameter like filter=geo or
something, but I cannot find that in the documentation.


On Oct 25, 5:43 pm, futureboy <> wrote:
> Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback, I'm receiving tons of data from
> the streaming API, very exciting!
> On Oct 21, 10:26 pm, futureboy <> wrote:
> > Hi folks, I'm interested in doing some of my own twitterdatamining
> > and I was curious if Twitter posts anydatasets covering 24 hour
> > periods, or perhaps even longer intervals. For instance I'd love to
> > have a full dump of all tweets over the month when Michael Jackson
> > died, but even 24 hourdumpswould be great. The format seems super
> > simple, just a timestamp, a username, and the message. Multiply that
> > by a few million records/day or whatever Twitter now experiences.
> > Obviously this would be a decent amount ofdataalthough compression
> > should certainly help. Does Twitter provide suchdatasets anywhere?
> > If so, where and how can I access them?

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