I think it could be the OAuth classs now because of a recent error but
it does not seem to work when I put it in an array either.

Furthermore this is the class that Twitter directly links to from the
API Wiki under PHP examples... If it is this buggy (if in fact it does
not work even as an array option) it really should not be posted there
as it's a giant headache.

>From what I can see from the limited documentation the array() only
holds post args for when you make an API call that requires POST
fields and values but I will do some more testing with it.

On Oct 27, 8:01 pm, Dave Briccetti <da...@davebsoft.com> wrote:
> I also recommend using Wireshark, tcpdump or the like to get an
> authoritative picture of what’s happening. And if there is indeed a
> bug, the output serves as clear proof.

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