Has any figured out how to get a the lists I'm subscribed to. I didn't
realize how much I'd want this part of it. Please say it's coming...

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Subject: [twitter-dev] Re: Updates to the List API (list descriptions,
cursoring lists of lists, finding by list id rather than slug & more
consistent names)

It appears that user/lists.xml only shows lists that are created by
the user and not those that they follow.

Any change coming to that or am I missing a way to see all lists that
a user follows?


On Oct 28, 3:00 pm, Marcel Molina <mar...@twitter.com> wrote:
> Two additions and two changes to the List API will be deployed in the
> next few days:
> * List descriptions
> We're adding a description to every list. You'll be able to specify a
> description when you create or update a list and the description will
> be included in the payload.
> * Cursoring through lists of lists
> All resources that return a list of lists will include next and
> previous cursors and will accept a :cursor parameter.
> * Finding by list id rather than slug
> When you change the name of a list, the slug will be updated to
> reflect that change. That means using the slug in the url for
> resources to operate on lists requires the onerous task of validating
> that the slug for the list you are about to do something with hasn't
> been updated since the last time you stored its slug. What a nightmare
> :-)
> Every list also has an id. This value won't change. We'll be changing
> the API to replace all instances of a list slug in urls to be list ids
> instead.
> * Consistent names
> The terminology we've used thus far for people you follow with a list
> is members. The terminology for people who are following a list is
> subscribers. We're going to mirror the terminology used for users and
> change it to followers and following respectively.
> So:
> /:user/lists/:list_id/memberships becomes /:user/lists/:list_id/followers
> /:user/lists/:list_id/subscribers becomes /:user/lists/:list_id/following
> As we deploy these changes we'll send out a heads up on the dev list
> and @twitterapi.
> --
> Marcel Molina
> Twitter Platform Teamhttp://twitter.com/noradio

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