Is there no way to view the lists that a user is subscribed to? As a client, it seems kind of silly that we can't allow the user to view a list that they already subscribe to with out them having to go find the list again. Kind of a big hole, because that means we will have to cache a separate list of lists that user uses frequently and it wont be the same as on Twitter website.

On Oct 30, 2009, at 7:00 AM, David Neubauer wrote:

Has any figured out how to get a the lists I'm subscribed to. I didn't
realize how much I'd want this part of it. Please say it's coming...

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It appears that user/lists.xml only shows lists that are created by
the user and not those that they follow.

Any change coming to that or am I missing a way to see all lists that
a user follows?


On Oct 28, 3:00 pm, Marcel Molina <mar...@twitter.com> wrote:
Two additions and two changes to the List API will be deployed in the
next few days:

* List descriptions
We're adding a description to every list. You'll be able to specify a
description when you create or update a list and the description will
be included in the payload.

* Cursoring through lists of lists
All resources that return a list of lists will include next and
previous cursors and will accept a :cursor parameter.

* Finding by list id rather than slug
When you change the name of a list, the slug will be updated to
reflect that change. That means using the slug in the url for
resources to operate on lists requires the onerous task of validating
that the slug for the list you are about to do something with hasn't
been updated since the last time you stored its slug. What a nightmare

Every list also has an id. This value won't change. We'll be changing
the API to replace all instances of a list slug in urls to be list ids

* Consistent names
The terminology we've used thus far for people you follow with a list
is members. The terminology for people who are following a list is
subscribers. We're going to mirror the terminology used for users and
change it to followers and following respectively.


/:user/lists/:list_id/memberships becomes /:user/lists/:list_id/ followers

/:user/lists/:list_id/subscribers becomes /:user/lists/:list_id/ following

As we deploy these changes we'll send out a heads up on the dev list
and @twitterapi.

Marcel Molina
Twitter Platform Teamhttp://twitter.com/noradio

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