Or you could simply fetch followers/ids to get a list of all of a user's followers

On Nov 23, 2009, at 9:08 AM, Chris Thomson <chri...@chris24.ca> wrote:

There seems to be a `following` boolean attribute returned for each user in /statuses/followers.xml (and .json)... is that what you're looking for?

Chris Thomson

On 2009-11-23, at 11:16 AM, Ryan Bell wrote:

I would like to completely recreate Twitter's followers screen. After
some research, we aren't sure its possible without being inefficient
with the API.

We're unable to determine if a user is a following the logged in user
in a bulk fashion.This information is needed in order to determine
which options to include next to each follower. ex) should you show
'follow' or 'unfollow' button?

Twitter returns your followers information, but does not include
information as to whether you are also following that user.  It seems
that the only way to get this additional information is on a 1-by-1
basis by checking to see if each of your followers is being followed
by you.

Is there a better way to determine in bulk if users are being followed
by you?  It seems that this functionality must exist in order for an
application to mimic Twitter's Followers page.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,


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