Thanks for asking. I was just wondering the same thing. :-)

On Nov 30, 3:19 pm, "LeeS - @semel" <> wrote:
> Here's the situation:
> My app lets users OAuth via Twitter as their login.  Simple and
> standard.
> Now, I've created an API for my app.  I want other apps, say Twitter
> clients, to be able to use my app, as if they are one of my app's
> users.  What's the best way to let the user authorize that app to use
> my app?  Do I have to implement OAuth myself, and then have the user
> OAuth twice, once into my app and once into Twitter via my app to let
> my app access Twitter?  That's a lot of screens for the user to go
> through.
> I'm curious how you'd handle this, and if there's a simpler solution.
> Lee

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