Thanks guys,

I think I will go for the Big Integer .. 2^64 (unsigned) should be
plenty - unless tweet ID's can suddenly be negative (which 2^63 is
still a lot).

Main reason that it's nice to be able to say "give me the largest
tweet ID for this person", which would be cumbersome if it was stored
as a string.

I'll cross the bridge then 2^64 is not enough :/



On Dec 3, 2:06 pm, StarTrekRedneck <> wrote:
> My general rule of thumb is to only use a numeric datatype (integer,
> double, etc.) if the value is intended for mathematical operations
> (like an account balance, or any amount or measurement). Some examples
> of number-style data that I always store as strings/characters are
> phone numbers and employeeidnumbers or any identification number.
> The later would, of course, includetweetIDs.
> On Dec 3, 1:06 am, Jay Liew <> wrote:
> > I believe I've just hit the upper bound limit on Django's
> > PositiveIntegerField for storing a singletweet'sID#
> > What is the recommendation (if there is one), for application
> > developers in planning to store this field?
> > Store it in a bigger integer data type .. or just maybe store theID
> > as a var char?
> > Thanks,

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