On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 06:09:10PM -0800, Dewald Pretorius wrote:
> Now, will there be hackers and scammers that will decompile
> TweetDeck's code to get their grubby hands on its Consumer Key Secret?
> You bet your bottom dollar there will be. Many.
> Once they have that, they can spam the living shits out of Twitter,
> and there is nothing, NOTHING, Twitter can do to stop it.

Twitter or anyone else.  This is the same basic issue as that faced by
DRM manufacturers:  It is fundamentally impossible for me to allow you
to cryptographically authenticate yourself without providing the
necessary crypto keys and algorithms to you in some form.  Once I have
done so, there is no way to prevent you from using them in ways other
than those which I intended.

Dave Sherohman

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