Hi Raffi,

I'll be interested to hear when the API adds functionality that'll
allow us to retrieve *only* tweets with a geopoint! Any hints?

In the meantime; copyied from the first post, what is going on with
tweets like this? :
    * location: "iPhone: 37.313690,-122.022911"
    * geo: null

    * location: "√úT: 37.293106,-121.969004"
    * geo: null

Presumably this is some developer-implemented work around from a
client that geotagged tweets before the geotagging API was available,
by setting the profile location (where it normally says London, UK
etc.) to co-ords?
If so, I will just ignore it, as these should in theory become less
and less common as developers update their apps to use the official
geotagging method, but I want to be sure that I'm not missing some
crucially geotagged tweets!

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